John Stamos wants his new Sinatra-kidnapping podcast to ‘shine a light’ on mental illness by telling the controversial story through the kidnapper’s eyes

John Stamos hopes to “shine a light” on mental illness in his new podcast “Snatching Sinatra.” Barry Keenan talks about mental health issues, addiction, and kidnapping Frank Sinatra Jr. in 1963. Keenan was sentenced to 75 years in prison but only served 4.5 years. A court called him “insane.” Visit

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Scarlett Johansson’s Disney lawsuit shows how much Marvel stars depend on box-office performance — here’s how 6 other actors cashed in

Scarlett Johansson in “Black Widow.” Disney After starring in seven Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, Scarlett Johansson was expected to have a major payday with “Black Widow.” The actress has so far earned $20 million for her long-awaited standalone movie, Disney recently told the Wall Street Journal — a far cry

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