A star was born Friday as a Bellator fighter gave his opponent a no good, very bad, brutal bludgeoning

A star was born Friday as a Bellator fighter gave his opponent a no good, very bad, brutal bludgeoning

  • Bellator MMA have have unearthed a new combat sports star in Luke Trainer.
  • The 25 year old fighter stole the show at Bellator 267 in London.
  • He promised violence, and boy, did he deliver.

LONDON — Bellator MMA may have unearthed a new combat sports star Friday as Luke Trainer advanced his unbeaten record to five wins in a row when he gave another opponent a no good, very bad, bludgeoning to remember.

Trainer told reporters during fight week in London that he wanted to produce a violent performance considering his main card presence at Bellator 267, which was broadcast on BBC iPlayer in the UK, and Showtime in the US.

He spoke openly about being willing to put it all on the line — even if it meant dying during combat competition.

When Yannick Bahati made his walk to the cage, looking every bit the imposing light heavyweight that he is with his muscular frame, it was unclear whether Trainer would be able to make good on his promise for violence.

However, all he needed was a round and a half to finish the fight in spectacular fashion, leaving Bahati hobbling in front of press row, before nursing his injuries — facial bruises and a closed eye — backstage.

It was not a fluke win. Trainer took Bahati down in the opening round, and was so dominant that one of the three judges cageside scored the first as a 10-8, with the other two judges seeing it as a 10-9 — all in favor of the prospect.

In the second round, Trainer upped the intensity.

And an elbow from hell, launched and landed during a clinch midway through the second, hurt Bahati so much that he couldn’t help but drop to the floor in agony, before covering up.

The impact of the shot could be heard around the SSE Arena in Wembley, despite the fervent fight fans that had been filling up the 12,500 capacity venue.

Watch the brutal finish right here:

Seven and a half minutes of fighting Trainer left Bahati looking like this:

Yannick Bahati.

Yannick Bahati.

Photo by Bellator MMA

The contrast of emotions between the beaten fighter, Bahati, and the winning one, Trainer, couldn’t have been clearer:

Luke Trainer

Luke Trainer embraced his father in the cage.

Photo by Bellator MMA

Though Trainer looked like he had escaped the match unscathed, he told reporters after the fight that he thinks he had broken his foot. 

He said he’d been in a war, and had a lot to learn. “I got rocked,” he said. “First time I ever got rocked. I come back like a savage. I told everyone I’d be a savage. I told everyone I wanted violence. I got violence. I said he’d bleed, he bled.”

Trainer then turned his attention to an American MMA fighter dubbed the prospect killer — Ben Parrish, who recently scored a 38-second upset knockout.

Maximizing his short time on the mic, in a big event that was broadcast in more than 150 countries around the world, Trainer said: “Ben Parrish – I’m coming for you!” 

He said: “You’re a savage, but I’m coming for you, sir. Get me to the States!”


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