A timeline of everything Elon Musk and Grimes have said about each other on social media

A timeline of everything Elon Musk and Grimes have said about each other on social media

Grimes has said she doesn’t use Musk’s money and that he has “confusing” politics.


Grimes is a musical artist.

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One of the most common criticisms of Grimes in the comments section of her TikTok is that she has given up communist values — her high school senior yearbook quote was by Soviet Union leader Josef Stalin — by being with Musk.

Grimes appeared to address this criticism in a TikTok posted on July 13, which in the background showed her yearbook quote. 

Grimes said in the video that she wanted to address the ongoing “narrative” that she had “betrayed the comrades” by being with Musk. Referring to her senior quote, Grimes said that contrary to popular belief, her decision to quote Stalin was not meant as an endorsement of communism. 

She said the quote was actually meant as an attack on her high school by comparing its “oppression of creativity” and strict ruling style to the Soviet Union. Grimes added that while she sees several benefits to communism, she didn’t see Stalin as one of them.

She told fans that she would expand on her “admittedly confusing politics” in a subsequent video, which has not been released at press time. 

Later that month, Grimes once again took to the TikTok comment section to share more details about her relationship with Musk and her music career. The conversation arose after she posted a TikTok about her song “100% Tragedy,” where she told viewers that her record label, Columbia Records, did not want her to release the song as a single. 

After asking fans’ opinions on whether the song should be a single, one TikTok user commented asking Grimes why she was signed to a record label in the first place. As well as saying she wanted to earn money from music videos and evade the “gatekeeping” of indie music, Grimes said in her response, “contrary to popular belief my bf [Musk] doesn’t fund my career.”

Her response later went viral online as fans joked about her “fumbling the bag” and not taking advantage of Musk’s extreme wealth when dealing with her label. 

Grimes referenced Musk in TikTok content for the first time in August, where she posted a TikTok as part of the “Is He Hot Or…” trend.

While the trend was used by some TikTok users to joke about some of the toxic and superficial traits that attracted them to men, it was used by others to express their appreciation for some of their partner’s best qualities. 

In her own twist on the viral trend, Grimes appeared to ask several questions based on past criticism she received. 

As questions such as “Is he hot or is he out to destroy big oil” appeared as on-screen text, Grimes sat stroking a robot dog before raising what appeared to be a knife to the screen.

“Stop harassing me on this app over fake news and I am not my bf’s spokesperson [sic],” she said in the caption for the TikTok.


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