How 10 celebrity chefs make chili

How 10 celebrity chefs make chili

Anne Burrell’s vegetarian bean chili is perfect for clearing out the pantry and fridge.

Anne Burrell in the kitchen with vegetables

Burrell said her chili is also good on eggs, on top of a hot dog, or in a quesadilla.


Burrell intentionally made this recipe easy for pandemic at-home cooking. And once again, this one features beans.

The recipe calls for whatever beans you have tucked away in the cupboards (garbanzo, kidney, chili, you name it), along with celery, peppers, and an onion. Toss those into a pot with your canned tomatoes, frozen corn, and spices, and 45 minutes later you’ll be set.

The best part is the recipe yields a lot of chili, so it’s perfect for freezing and reheating on a cold day. 

See the recipe here »

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