14 of the most shocking moments from ‘Squid Game’

14 of the most shocking moments from ‘Squid Game’

squid game
"Squid Game" starts with some shockingly violent moments.

More than 200 people are killed during the first game.

"Squid Game" dead players from Red Light, Green Light
This is when viewers realize how much danger the players are in.

Viewers and players don’t find out what being eliminated really means until the first game begins.

Any players caught moving after “red light” is called during Red Light, Green Light are shot and killed.

The moment is jarring, as it’s the first clear sign that the players are in danger and it gets more disturbing when more than 200 players are shot as they rush toward the exits.

Ali’s boss gets his hand crushed in machinery.

"Squid Game" Ali's manager's hand caught in the machine
Ali also has a work-related injury involving his hand.

When Ali goes to demand the wages he is due at work, he discovers that his boss has the money that he’s been denying his employees.

Ali steals the money from his boss and the two get into a fight that ends when Ali’s boss’ hand is suddenly caught and mangled in a nearby piece of machinery.

The sudden injury is bloody and tough to watch without wincing.

Jun-ho kills a staff member shortly after he gets on the boat.

The man killed in "Squid Game" and thrown overboard
Jun-ho kills another staff member during episode five as well.

Jun-ho sneaks onto the game island and pretends to be an unconscious contestant to attack a staff member.

He kills the staff member, steals his uniform, and throws him overboard. This shows viewers that Jun-ho is literally prepared to kill to find his brother.


Player 119 dies by suicide after stealing a gun.

"Squid Game" pink jacket being held hostage by a player
This also shows viewers how bad it is for staff members to be unmasked.

After the second game, player 119 attacks a staff member and steals his gun.

The other staff members immediately kill the other players in the room who witnessed this, causing another high death toll in an early game.

Player 119 forces the staff member he’s holding hostage to unmask before deciding to shoot himself.

This is the first death by suicide shown in the games.


Some staff members are harvesting organs.

"Squid Game" bloody hand holding an eyeball
This subplot makes the show even gorier.

During the fourth episode, a few staff members are shown watching someone carve out the eyeball of a dead contestant.

The next episode shows that this is player 111, a doctor, who is helping these staff members harvest organs to sell.

The sudden introduction of an organ-harvesting plotline adds even more gore and, again, demonstrates how little respect the staff members have for the contestants.

The game has been happening since at least 1988.

A digital file showing the Squid Games started in 1998
Jun-ho finds a lot of information in the file room.

The archive room Jun-ho finds shows hundreds of files from the games.

The binders are sorted by year, and the dates shown reveal that the game has been happening since at least as early as 1988.

This adds even more intrigue and mystery to the origin of the games. It also means that the death toll in this game is likely even higher.

The bodies of the cheating staff members and doctor are displayed for everyone to see.

"Squid Game" traitors being hung from the ceiling
The display serves as a cruel warning for everyone else.

When the Front Man discovers the organ-harvesting ring, he kills everyone involved.

As he explains to the rest of the staff and contestants, their greatest transgression was violating the equal nature of the games by allowing the doctor to know ahead of time what the next game was going to be.

The bodies of those involved are displayed as a cruel warning for the remaining staff and players.

Ji-yeong allows Sae-byeok to win.

"Squid Game" two players having a convseration
Ji-yeong doesn't even try to win the marble game.

Ji-yeong, player 240, plays against Sae-byeok for the fourth game.

When she approaches Sae-byeok about teaming up, Ji-yeong says, “I’ll make sure you win.”

The two talk about life for a while and Ji-yeong keeps her promise. She purposefully throws the marble game so that Sae-byeok wins.

Il-nam knew that Gi-hun was manipulating him when they were playing marbles.

"Squid Game" Il nam hugging player 456
At first, it was hard to tell if Il-nam was letting Gi-hun win on purpose.

After losing most of the rounds they play against each other, Gi-hun begins tricking Il-nam out of his marbles to try to win.

Il-nam later reveals he knew Gi-hun was tricking him, saying it was not right for him to do that to a friend. This was a surprising moment of clarity for the older man, which makes more sense once viewers learn Il-nam is sharp enough to be the game’s organizer.


Ali is killed after being betrayed by Sang-woo.

Ali finding out he has been betrayed by his friend "Squid Game"
Sang-woo replaced Ali's marbles with rocks.

Sang-woo is about to lose the marbles round to Ali when he suggests that the pair stop playing.

He says that they should prepare to find other people who are still playing the game and not finish their own so neither one of them has to die.

Before Ali goes to look for other contestants, Sang-woo convinces him to hand over his marbles so that Sang-woo can create a more secure way to carry them.

Sang-woo actually takes this opportunity to steal Ali’s marbles and replace them with rocks. Ali is shot and killed after he realizes what happened.

The Front Man is revealed to be In-ho, who then shoots his own brother.

Jun-ho's brother, unmasked black mask man "Squid Game"
In-ho has been behind the mask the whole time.

Jun-ho has been searching for his brother In-ho throughout the games with no success.

After cornering Jun-ho on the island, the Front Man reveals himself to be In-ho.

The big reveal is followed by another shock when In-ho shoots his brother.

Sae-byeok has been fatally wounded.

the shard of glass in the player's stomach
Sae-byeok is hit when the glass bridge explodes.

After the fifth game, glass stepping-stones, the bridge the contestants played on explodes in a flurry of glass.

The shards hit all three players, but it isn’t revealed until they change for dinner that Sae-byeok has been seriously injured by a large piece of glass in her abdomen.

The serious wound later brings her close to death. 

Sang-woo kills Sae-byeok even though she’s already dying.

A player's body being carried away  "Squid Game"
Sae-byeok was close to death because of her glass wound.

When Gi-hun stops guarding Sae-byeok to ask the staff for help, Sang-woo slits her throat.

Given that Sae-byeok was already dying, it’s unexpected that Sang-woo would kill her so violently, but he explains his decision to Gi-hun later on.

If Sae-byeok and Gi-hun had voted to end the game before she died, the games would be over and Sang-woo would have no chance at winning money.

Killing her before they could call for a vote allowed Sang-woo to enter the final round.

Il-nam is alive – and he organized the games.

"Squid Game" Il nam at the end lying in his bed
Il-nam had a lot more power than it seemed.

During the final episode, Gi-hun meets Il-nam at a hospital and learns that he actually organized the games.

The reveal is one of the biggest twists of the season, but viewers who were paying close attention may have caught some of the hints leading up to this.

Player 001’s file is not there when Jun-ho looks at the list of this year’s contestants, which starts at player 002. Also, we never actually see Il-nam die — we just hear an off-screen gunshot. 

The rioting in episode four is also only broken up by the staff members after Il-nam begs for it to stop, saying that he’s scared and worried they’ll all die. The Front Man actually listens to his plea and tells the guards to step in.

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