8 questions we have after the explosive season 5 finale of ‘Riverdale’

8 questions we have after the explosive season 5 finale of ‘Riverdale’

Who is the Trash Bag Killer (TBK) and why are they obsessed with Betty Cooper?

A man wearing a mask that conceals his whole face on the season five finale of "Riverdale."

TBK on the season five finale.

The CW

It seemed like the TBK storyline was mostly out of the way, but during the finale, the serial killer gave Betty a call at the newly reopened Riverdale field office. 

TBK was aware that Betty graduated and is now an official FBI agent, which suggests that the killer is still keeping tabs on her life. Then TBK told Betty that they “have no plans to come calling on you” and expects the same “courtesy” from her, meaning that he wants her to not look for him. 

Betty said that she couldn’t make that promise, and TBK hung up on her. 

During the call, viewers never caught a glimpse of the killer’s face. He was sitting in a chair, shirtless and with blood splattered all over the top half of his body. His face was covered by a mask, too. 

All fans really know about TBK (who’s based on a real-life serial killer named Patrick Kearney) is that he dismembered people and put their bodies in trash bags. When Betty was an FBI trainee, she went after TBK, was captured, and held captive for two weeks. During that time, TBK threatened to carve off pieces of her body with a chainsaw, but never actually did. 

During episode seven, FBI agent Glen Scot told Betty that TBK re-emerged in Tulsa and two victims were found. Because Betty was preoccupied with a case involving missing women in Riverdale, she told Glen to catch TBK while she handled everything in Riverdale. TBK didn’t come up again until the finale. 

One of the most popular theories is that TBK is Glen, with whom Betty had a romantic history during her days as an FBI trainee.

Glen was deeply interested in Betty’s life because, as he later revealed, he was working on a dissertation on the Coopers based on the “varying displays of the serial killer gene” in their lineage.  

Because TBK never actually harmed Betty when she was held captive, fans have theorized that the killer is Glen. 


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