6 facts about cannabis you’ll learn at NYC’s first weed museum

6 facts about cannabis you’ll learn at NYC’s first weed museum

As I ascended through a tunnel of color and light, I thought, “Damn, I wish I was high for this.”

andrea at the stone age high backdrop

Contrary to the artwork, I was not high when I visited The Stone Age.

Antonio Martinez/Insider

Entering The Stone Age, a cannabis-themed installation that just opened in New York City, felt like stepping into a lush, green haven from the busy street. Even completely sober, I felt a wave of calm wash over me as I took in the new smells and sounds.

I visited the pop-up a couple days before the October 1 opening. Through the end of the month, canna-curious New Yorkers can explore the multi-sensory exhibition, which consists of original art, custom soundscapes, and even signature scents inspired by weed.

Before I visited the space, I asked creators Sasha Perelman and Elizabeth Santana if I should pregame with our favorite plant. They said, while I was welcome to come high, the experience was about more than just getting stoned.

While I’ll certainly go back another time for a 4/20-friendly visit, I think someone who’s never tried weed might even have more to gain by visiting. The exhibition is not only fun to explore, but also gives a good overview on how cannabis impacts the body, brain, and society as a whole.


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