10 of Nicole Kidman’s most talked-about wigs, ranked

10 of Nicole Kidman’s most talked-about wigs, ranked

Her best wig to date is in “The Undoing.” It sparked major hair envy on social media.

a close up of nicole kidman the undoing

Nicole Kidman in “The Undoing.”


While playing a wife whose husband is accused of killing a woman in this HBO hit mini-series, Kidman returned to her natural hairstyle from the ’90s. Her hair in the show is curly, red, full, and long.

People on social media were quick to celebrate the actress’ look.

“The wig work in ‘The Undoing’ is Nicole Kidman’s most satisfying performance to date,” Joey Nofli, a reporter at EW, wrote on Twitter

Joey Moser, another Twitter user, wrote, “I’m already high on ‘The Undoing’ because of Nicole Kidman’s wavy hair.” 

Some viewers were confused over whether or not it was Kidman’s real hair, but the show’s makeup artist, Kyra Panchenko, referenced the star’s wig-wearing in an interview with Backstage as she spoke about Kidman getting in to character.

“It’s the clothes, the hair, the makeup,” she said. “Once that all comes together, it’s supposed to fall in place. You’re rehearsing, you figure out this character, you start to see the wig go on and you’re looking at it going, ‘Oh, wow. That’s interesting.'”


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