‘Fear TWD’ star Lennie James has had a conversation about whether or not he’ll return to ‘The Walking Dead’ on its final season

‘Fear TWD’ star Lennie James has had a conversation about whether or not he’ll return to ‘The Walking Dead’ on its final season

  • Lennie James is the only current “TWD” universe star to still be alive from the show’s pilot.
  • He currently stars on spinoff, “Fear TWD,” which is entering its seventh season this month.
  • James told Insider he has discussed whether or not Morgan could appear on the final season of “TWD.”

Could Morgan Jones (Lennie James) return to “The Walking Dead” for its final season? 

It sounds like anything’s possible. 

While chatting about “Fear the Walking Dead’s” return to AMC later this month, Insider asked James if he would want to be back for the final season of “TWD” or if he thought the crew may want to have him back at all to wrap up the series.

“I did have that conversation, yes,” James told Insider. 

“But that’s about as much as I can say,” James, who is one of the few actors to have appeared on both “TWD” and “Fear the Walking Dead,” quickly added with a laugh.

Lennie James received a heads up about the final season before the news was made public. 

FTWD 615 Lennie James as Morgan Jones

Lennie James on “Fear TWD” season 6, episode 15.

Ryan Green/AMC

“The Walking Dead” cast was alerted that the 11th season would be the show’s last not long before the news was publicly announced last September. Many of them received calls from showrunner Angela Kang and “TWD” universe chief content officer Scott Gimple to learn the news.

Though he hasn’t been on “TWD” since season eight, James was among those who received a call.

“I was here Austin shooting or about to shoot on ‘Fear’ and I got a phone call and Scott told me what was happening, which was good of him not leaving it for some of us to find out after the press and public had,” James said.

“My reaction was one of surprise, but only surprise because I hadn’t expected that to be called in the way that it had just been called,” James said, pointing to the direction the show was taking under Kang’s leadership. “It felt like with Angela at the helm that it had taken on another gear and felt like there was gas left in the tank.”

Despite the surprise, James added that he is, “happy for everybody involved that they got a nice run at how they wanted to end it and that they got to be in charge of it.”

Why we’d want to see Morgan on the final season of “TWD”: He was on the show’s first episode

morgan duane twd 101

Morgan takes in Rick on “TWD” pilot and tells him about the apocalypse after he wakes from a coma.


Other than Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), James is the only star from the show’s 2010 pilot to still be alive. 

(Yes, Rick is out there somewhere in “TWD” universe, but we’re likely going to have to wait for those Rick Grimes’ movies to learn more about him. Lincoln departed “TWD” on season nine.)

It would bring the show full circle to see James on both the series’ pilot and finale. It would also be unexpected since most fans would expect Rick to appear to close out the show.

There’s just one small issue. 

Currently, the timeline on “Fear TWD” is a few years behind that of “TWD,” but we’ve seen the shows do time jumps before. It would feel like a huge missed opportunity to not have the one actor who’s still standing from the pilot (other than Rick) appear on the show’s final episode. 

Would you want to see Morgan return to “The Walking Dead” before it’s all over?

The season seven premiere of “Fear TWD” will be available to stream a week early on AMC+ on Sunday. It will premiere on TV on October 17. We’ll have more from our conversation with James later this month.

You can follow along with our ongoing “TWD” universe coverage here.


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