THEN AND NOW: The cast of ‘Child’s Play’ 33 years later

THEN AND NOW: The cast of ‘Child’s Play’ 33 years later

  • The first “Child’s Play” came out in 1988 and its success led to multiple sequels and a reboot.
  • Alex Vincent’s film debut was Andy Barclay, the horror movie’s lead.
  • After the reboot, the original creator Don Mancini is making a series following the original story.
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33 years after the first movie starring the killer doll, Chucky is finally the star of his own TV show in Syfy’s “Chucky.”

The original “Child’s Play” movie followed the Barclay family after they picked up a doll possessed by a serial killer, Charles Lee Ray. Ray renaming himself as Chucky comes to life and continues killing until his identity is discovered. The success of this first movie led to multiple sequels and a reboot in 2019 where Chucky was created due to artificial intelligence rather than spiritual possession.

The new “Chucky” series is a sequel to the original story and 2017’s “Cult of Chucky” when it’s revealed that Chucky can split his soul into multiple dolls and people. The series is set to premiere on Tuesday 12th October and includes Alex Vincent and Brad Dourif from the first movie.

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